Morgan Quitno State and City Ranking Publications

CQ Press Acquires Morgan Quitno Press

Scott and Kathleen Morgan are pleased to announce that their company, Morgan Quitno Press, has been acquired by CQ Press of Washington DC.  All orders will now be filled by CQ Press.

For complete details, see the press release from CQ Press by clicking here.

All Morgan Quitno Press titles are now available through CQ Press. For ordering information, contact their customer service toll free at 866-427-7737 or Orders may also be placed online at


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Press inquiries should be directed to Ben Krasney at CQ Press, 202-729-1846.


The Morgans, Scott () and Kathleen () can still be contacted at 785-841-3534 or by mail at PO Box 1656, Lawrence, KS 66044.